Business Continuity

Empire Trust has the Solution

Empire Trust protects and advances the entrepreneurial spirit of America by administering trusts owning closely-held, family businesses.  Through trust relationships, Empire Trust actively governs family businesses upon the death or disability of a patriarch, matriarch or founder. Empire Trust is the solution for successful business succession.

Many business owners interpret their family legacy as an extension of their business legacy. Empire Trust is the business owners’ trust company. For business owners, family wealth is generally invested in the operations of the enterprise, resulting in a limited amount of liquidity in the family’s portfolio. Empire Trust recognizes the security that a family business provides and understands how quickly that security can be lost.

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    In the event of an unexpected death of the family member who manages the business, Empire Trust deploys its Process for Enterprise Continuity (PEC). Empire Trust gathers the reins and keeps the business in motion.

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    We leverage the knowledge of our industry consultants to make business decisions that otherwise may be vulnerable to industry risk.

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    Once stability is recovered, Empire Trust will begin to put into place a predetermined alternative strategy that will provide for the beneficiaries in the amount that they deserve.

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    Rather than a fire sale to liquidate the assets, to pay obligations, we offer many techniques and vehicles to obtain full and/or ongoing benefit.

We are Passionate About Success

Conversely, Empire Trust may govern a family business for a longer period of time in order for a family to enjoy the economic benefits from the business without such family’s active involvement.  Its services preserve the business that was nurtured and loved by a patriarch, matriarch or founder while the family continues to benefit financially from the family business.

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Empire Trust is owned by successful entrepreneurs who have bled, sweated and cried over their businesses.  

They are passionate about the success of family businesses, understand what success demands and believe in the importance of family businesses to the future of America.  

Unlike other advisors, Empire Trust’s owners have lived the responsibilities, risks, and rewards associated with the ownership and daily management of a successful company.