Estate Planning

Your Goals Our Priority

Few people understand the purpose, significance, and benefits of an estate plan in combination with well-written trust agreements. Most trust and estate planning misunderstandings are from unfortunate experiences where the service is too expensive, goals are not met, a flexible and reliable plan isn’t offered or there are not enough educational classes for family members.

Among other advantages, trust and estate services allow Empire Trust families to preserve and accumulate their wealth, to decide upon the ultimate disposition of such wealth and to leave a legacy of financial security and social responsibility. Empire Trust believes that planning is about using wealth as an instrument to create freedom and a deeper purpose in life. Empire Trust’s trust and estate services are unique because of the following:



Everyone that should be involved is in the same room, from the accountant to the insurance professional to the lawyer to the investment manager. Such an approach includes all of the pieces of the family system when developing a mission or visions or a strategy;

Thinking Beyond

Each plan is unique because each family has its own vision, dreams, desires, goals and objectives. There is a plethora of strategies  available to design and implement an organic plan; not just a financial and investment stifling product that is sold for an institution’s or individual’s own self-interest;

Maximum Growth

In order to create a plan where your wealth complements your family, it is essential that when circumstances change the plan is able to adapt to such change;

Trust Acceptance Procedure

Empire Trust serves as your guardian and assists you in verifying that the trust is written clearly without any loopholes and provides unambiguous direction to the trustee, court, and beneficiaries.  Unfortunately, trusts are often written quickly and thoughtlessly;

Interpersonal Relationship

Empire Trust creates personal relationships with its families in order to better serve you. Empire Trust believes that if it knows about your values, goals, dreams, activities, family history, family business and family dynamics, Empire Trust can design a better plan that acts as a roadmap for the inevitable and continuous change during you and your descendants’ lifetimes;


Empire Trust offers several educational programs for you and your family. Empire Trust and its professional content experts visit your family at home to explain to your family the specifics of your estate and business plan; it is important that everyone affected by the plan understands the reasoning behind it, and when and who will benefit from it.
Empire Trust offers solutions for all types of trusts, including domestic and foreign.