Family Office Services

Team of Professional Service Providers

Managing wealth can dominate your time and may, actually, be burdensome; with keeping current with ever-changing regulatory laws & policies and seeking (sometimes conflicting) advice from the series of service providers, any available time and energy to enjoy your wealth may be lost. Empire Trust strives to serve as the “quarterback” of your team of professional service providers. Empire Trust, as your trustee is to carry out your final wishes, the support that we may offer now helps us to better understand the best ways in which to carry-out such wishes.

Asset Growth & Preservation

Empire Trust provides versatile and innovative solutions for the supervision and custody of traditional and alternative assets from hedge funds, real estate, and financial futures to more commonly used investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Empire Trust makes sure that our families completely understand what their choices, responsibilities, risks, and limitations are in regard to assets in all types of accounts and investments.

Our financial counselors have the wisdom to work comfortably with you to meet your financial needs and desires and to develop plans to protect your current and future assets.  The purpose of coordinating a dynamic and professional team of experts including collaborating with financial counselors is to facilitate their understanding and appreciation of your family in order to accomplish your dreams, desires, and goals.

Empire Trust’s team of experts collaborates and harmonizes with our families and with each of the family’s outside service providers, such as financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys, to develop strategies that work.  This successful business practice ensures that every component of your plan works synergistically to achieve your desires, dreams, and goals.

Insurance Review & Planning

Insurance may serve as a risk management instrument and may facilitate a family being able to preserve its financial legacy across multiple generations.  A family’s insurance needs must be managed in a strategic, attentive and comprehensive manner in order to ensure that it extends to current and future wealth.  An insurance provider may not always consider a client’s potential for future growth in recommending a given insurance policy, which leaves such client with an inappropriate near-term bandage rather than a solution to a long-term problem.

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Empire Trust offers:

  • Insurance program reviews;

  • Independent insurance brokers;

  • Insurance solutions integrated into our families’ plan to provide thoughtful, coordinated and appropriate strategies; or

  • Insurance brokers who collaborate with our tax accountants and trust officers.